I wasn't the little girl who liked to play dress-up or who cried when my hands got dirty! I was outside playing in the mud and running barefoot on the farm! I loved to design, create, and make everything and anything! As I got older I would spend hours painting, drawing, and sewing! I didn't have the attention span to read a book or watch a movie!

In college I bought my first film camera for a college photography class and developed pictures in a dark room! I realized photography was my heart! After the birth of my first son I purchased my first digital camera and fell in love with photographing children. After having three children I decided to start my own business and share with others the passion I had to capture special life moments! My business took off in March of 2012 and has turned my dream into a reality! I have been taking pictures and creating memories for my family and others ever sense. My favorite part of photography is capturing moments they can cherish for a lifetime and beyond. You can't go back in time but you can take pictures that help freeze those special moments. We recently just added a baby girl to our little family and it makes me realize how fast children grow.

A few things fun facts about me...

I am currently a preschool teacher and love every moment of my job! It is a great way to balance my love for teaching and my photography!

My favorite color is pink and I love chocolate.

I enjoy camping with my family, gardening, canning food, and golfing.

I am not the most graceful person. Anyone that has had a session with me knows I trip over everything!

-I love painting and creating art with my photography.