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Are you thinking about scheduling a newborn session? Here are a 10 pointers that help make the session easier on the baby, parents, and photographer! 

1. Schedule your sessions BEFORE your child is born. I will pencil in a predicted date and after the baby is born contact me as soon as possible to schedule your session. 


2.The session needs to take place before the baby is 14 days old. I get my best shots within the first 7 days of birth. The babies are "mold-able" and still very sleepy!


3. Newborn sessions can last a long time depending on feedings, diaper changes, and certain poses. So be prepared to make yourself at home while we wait patiently on your little one to cooperate and fall asleep.


4. I crank up the heat to keep your child warm and toasty. This helps them stay asleep while moving them into their poses.

5. Feed your baby well right before you leave home or when you arrive for your session. Babies that have full bellies are HAPPY babies! Be prepared to feed your baby sometime during our session.


6. Safety is very important to me. I would never do anything that puts your baby in danger. Some photos you see on my Facebook page have been photoshopped combining several images into one. I always have a parent sit close by and sometimes have them place a hand on the baby helping support their head. I can always photoshop a hand or arm out later. Safety comes first.


7. PROPS! I love props. I have props, headbands, blankets, and backdrops. If you have an idea or a prop you want to use. BRING IT! I am always up for new ideas. Please express your ideas to me before the photoshoot so I can prepare a setup in advance. 



8. It's a very good chance your baby will poo or pee on something. It could be a blanket, you, or me! Bring a change of clothing with you just in case this happens. Blankets and props wash. I wash too so please don't freak out if it happens because it will!


9. What to wear? 

Mom and Dad: It is best to wear solid colors. Stay away from patterns; it takes away from the meaning of the photo.                                     

Baby: Newborns tend to swim in their clothing. I prefer to photograph babies without a diaper on or in a wrap. If your baby is wearing the diaper you might want to bring a diaper cover if you have. Otherwise, I have some on hand! 


10. Most important RELAX! This is an important time and photos should not be stressful. Babies can sense stress and anxiety from their mothers so its best to just be patient.


I LOVE photographing newborns! Newborn photography can be incredibly challenging, but its amazing for me to be apart of a baby's life and capture photos that will be cherished for years to come. 



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About Me! ABOUT ME!

I wasn't the little girl who liked to play dress-up or who cried when my hands got dirty! I was outside playing in the mud and running barefoot on the farm! I loved to design, create, and make everything and anything! As I got older I would spend hours painting, drawing, and sewing! I didn't have the attention span to read a book or watch a movie!

In college I bought my first film camera for a college photography class and developed pictures in a dark room! I realized photography was my heart! After the birth of my first son I purchased my first digital camera and fell in love with photographing children. After having three children I decided to start my own business and share with others the passion I had to capture special life moments! My business took off in March of 2012 and has turned my dream into a reality! I have been taking pictures and creating memories for my family and others ever sense. My favorite part of photography is capturing moments they can cherish for a lifetime and beyond. You can't go back in time but you can take pictures that help freeze those special moments. 

A few things about me...

-I am currently a preschool teacher and love every moment of my job! It is a great way to balance my love for teaching and my photography!

-My favorite color is pink and I love chocolate.

-I enjoy camping with my family, gardening, canning food, and golfing.

-I am not the most graceful person. Anyone that has had a session with me knows I trip over everything! 

-I love painting and creating art with my photography. 



I married my husband in 2004 and…..

now we have three ornery little boys and one sweet baby girl! Our family is complete!

More to come soon!


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